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In This Week’s Print Edition… February 27, 2013

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Capital Projects Committee Shaping Up

The Board of Selectmen appointed Bruce Fletcher to the Capital Projects Oversight Committee, and reviewed the FY 2014 budget with several Town Boards at Tuesday night’s meeting.…


Minuteman Regional’s Budget Numbers

As Stow’s budget takes shape for fiscal year 2014, one component is  a proposed 22% hike in Minuteman Regional Vocational High School’s assessment for next school year. Looking back at previous years, this jump is not unprecedented for the vocational high school, and Stow may need to gird itself for similar rises in bills over the next few years…


A Pleasant Surprise at the PC

The Pleasant Café in downtown Maynard has been owned by the Dzerkacz family since 1945. The stories the tin ceiling tiles and wooden floor could tell could narrate Maynard’s rich history. These days, the Pleasant Café, or the PC, is run by the next generation and they’re attracting new patrons with their unpretentious style…





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