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The Independent Clause

Our condolences go out to the Fletcher family on the loss of Marion Fletcher on Sunday. Marion was a lifelong Stow resident, well known and well loved in the community. She will be missed by many. Services will be announced at a later date.

With the closing of the Skating Rink at Stow Community Park, surely Spring is right around the corner…right? RIGHT? After all, March is upon us, we’re through the longest short month of the year and there are blooms and buds at the end of the tunnel. Crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes (so excuse any typos).

Nancy got a nice taste of spring, or at least of green things you don’t usually see this time of year, at the Wayland Winter Market- an indoor farmer’s market that features only products from the area, home grown and homemade. Sounds like a great way to spend a dreary winter Saturday.

Another sure sign of spring –  budget talks, from town and schools. Each budget, whether you have kids in school or not, does effect every household in some way, so we hope people take the time to stay informed.

Ellen gives us the scoop on an old Maynard family business that has renewed itself after being passed on to the next generation. The Pleasant Cafe has been around a long time and has seen it’s fair share of history. With the third generation taking over, the place is taking on a new life.

Next week is March. March is springtime. Just need to get through the next round of snow. Maybe it will be the last round. Yes, I’m kidding myself.

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;