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Vacation and Community Photos

On a two week safari to Tanzania, Africa, Marge Alessio and Kathy Myles took the Stow Independent to the Njiapanda Primary School to visit with the Head Mistress, Agnus, and some of her 500 students. The students were delighted to have them visit their classroom to share morning activities.


Howie and Carole Painter, parents of Ted Painter at Shelburne Farm, visited Seattle, WA to see their daughter, Helen Kelly who grew up in Stow, and her family.


On October 25, 2013, Sherry and Ernie Stonebraker visited “Fallingwater”, the famous home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. This summer home in Mill Run, PA was built for Edgar J. Kaufmann, founder of a local department store in Pittsburgh, PA. Photo by Karen Ceci.