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The Independent Clause… February 12, 2014

As I sit here once again freezing my fingers off, I am contemplating the reports of yet another foot of snow headed my way. I don’t think it will be quite that bad in Stow, but here in Lunenburg, aka the Siberian Outpost, we are once again in the jackpot area. Yes, “jackpot” they say… I feel like such a winner. This is about the time of year when I’ve just had it with winter and this winter is not only no exception to that feeling, I believe it might be the jackpot of that sentiment.

There is a jackpot of options coming out of the Oversight Committee regarding the proposed building projects for reusing Pompo and for building a new fire station. A series of public forums will be held starting next month to educate voters on the process and potential choices as May’s Town Meeting approaches.

The Nashoba Girls Basketball team, coming off a terrific run last year, is once again proving their strength on the court with an undefeated record 18 games in. Ellen takes a look at their season to date and what they may find ahead.

Rob brings us the story of a young Stow couple who have committed themselves to running this year’s Boston Marathon on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association. Read more about what is driving this couple on their personal mission to raise money and awareness of the disease.
Watching the Winter Olympics, we are fizzling and twizzling with amplitude as we pop into our switch stance… I think I need a Cool Sports dictionary to watch some of these events.

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor; [email protected]


In last week’s article “Where the Sun Shines”, there was an error in regards to what types of solar panels being offered through the Stow Solar Challenge are eligible for federal incentives.

The article stated, “the highest quality, high productivity panel is being used, and that is the only type eligible for the federal incentives.” According to Susan Boucher of New England Clean Energy, the company contracted to provide the solar installations, several types of solar panels are offered through the program, and ALL are eligible for federal incentives, namely a 30% federal tax credit.

We apologize for the error.