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The Independent Clause… February 19, 2014

Gee, there’s a snowstorm in progress as I type this on Tuesday. How new and completely different….than the last 352 snowstorms this winter. That may be a slight exaggeration; maybe there have only been 350. Whoever keeps singing “Let it Snow” – please stop.

We don’t mean to add to the snow totals, but readers will see a lot of snow in this issue. We couldn’t help it; it is the “hot” topic of the week and is certainly impacting the town’s residents and businesses. And, we wanted to be able to use “mesoscale banding” in a sentence.

In between gazing at Groupon ads for warm tropical vacations, I do realize that not everyone is hating this winter. I’m sure there are many that are enjoying the ability to participate more frequently and consistently in winter sports and activities. The Nashoba Cross Country Ski team is one group that has benefitted from the consistent snow cover. Attracting more team members this year for greater diversity, the group has also benefitted from the increased practice time. In this week’s print edition, Ellen Oliver takes a look at the team’s season.

Rob Kean follows the Chieftain’s Boys Basketball team as they make their way to this year’s state tournament. Best of luck to the team in their journey.

Our condolences to the family of Helen Karl who passed away recently at the age of 99. Son-in-law Ted Carvalho of Stow thought she may have held the distinction of being the oldest woman in Stow. While we weren’t able to confirm that at press time, she certainly lived a long and full life.
I hear that warmer temps are on their way. If not, I may be writing next week from Aruba…
Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;