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In This Week’s Print Edition… April 9, 2014

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Along with the articles featured on our website, you will find the following in this week’s print edition:

New Calendar for Nashoba

The Nashoba School Committee gave its nod to the district’s calendar for next school year — another version from the ones previously proposed. It also voted to establish a capital spending fund to help shore up local special education facilities.

Nashoba AD Rich Wins Statewide Honor

When Nashoba High principal Dr. Parry Graham first met Tania Rich – a 2001 Nashoba graduate herself, and new NRSD athletic director — his reaction was, “Wow, she seems kind of young to be an athletic director.”

April 19, 1775: What Did Stow Do?

Friday night, the Stow Historical Society attempted to answer the title question. The conclusion: Stow may never know much about how the town participated in the shot heard ’round the world—yet, anecdotes abound about the period surrounding the first Patriot’s Day.

Combined Use at Pompo Reviewed

Past Tense: Burglarizing Our History

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