The Independent Clause…April 23, 2014

Welcome to our townwide Town Warrant distribution edition.  Not only is the full Town Warrant enclosed for your perusal, but Nancy also walks through several of the key articles on the warrant in part 1 of “Where Will Your Tax Dollars Go?” Look for more articles to be addressed in part 2 appearing in next week’s edition.

There are, as always, many choices coming before voters and each voter can influence the decisions that will impact the town and the tax rate. If you would like a say in those decisions, head to Town Meeting on Monday, May 5 (carrying over to Tuesday May 6 if all items on the Warrant are not addressed on Monday).

Also coming up are Town Elections, being held on Tuesday, May 13. The only contested race is for the open seat on the Nashoba District School Committee. The two candidates in that race are featured this week in a Q&A-style interview beginning on page 1.
I’ve tried to teach my kids that you just never know what someone might be experiencing in their lives, so if someone reacts differently than you’d expected, give them a break. Rob Kean’s story of a little boy’s triumph is one such experience. We wish the Emken family all the best.

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;