The Independent Clause… Oct. 8, 2014

Well, as you can see, the website is back up. It was far more complicated than I’d originally thought and I’ve spent hours upon hours with tech support and doing my own research to fix it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the fix stays.

In this week’s Police report, there were three different SCAMS reported. Two are telephone-related and one was a text message. Thankfully, astute residents did not give out any information and instead reported the incidents to the police.

Three in one week in a town this size goes to show how prolific these things are. Thank you to those who reported them. That information helps others not to fall victim themselves.

And thank you to Marilyn Zavorski for sending in the photo she took of a very large hornet’s nest hanging off of a gravestone at Brookside Cemetery. She’s a better woman than I. Stopping to take a photo would not have been my response.

It will be a busy Columbus Day weekend coming up here in Stow. It looks like a fall-like, no rain weekend. Hope you get out and enjoy it!

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;

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HELP! We need more photos! Go on. Take the paper somewhere. We’d love to see you. Even WCVB-TV meteorologist Danielle Vollmar is doing it! Show us YOUR Stow Independent!