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The Independent Clause… February 18, 2015

SPECIAL TOWN MEETING is this coming Monday- barring more snow, of course. At least the latest forecast only has snow showing for the weekend and not into Monday…yet.

The snow and frigid temps are of course wreaking havoc on area homes (and people). This week we feature several articles looking at some of the damage, the current state of snow plowing and some preventative tips for dealing with snow-covered roofs and ice dams.

What we don’t have is a way to deal with some of the bad attitudes about all this snow and cold- mine, primarily. I keep saying there’s nothing I can do to change it and I really need to just accept and try to find the good side to all of it. Well, let’s see…. it’s freezing cold and there’s been about 8 feet of snow in the last three weeks. And another storm on its way this weekend and the cold will continue. I think I have the dreaded Cabin Fever. Maybe I can get a prescription for some Tropical Paradise?

Seriously, though, it can be especially difficult for people to get out and about in this weather, especially those with mobility issues. Please check on your neighbors and friends that may be having a tough time in this weather.

Congratulations to Stow’s Erin Cressman who made her 1000th varsity high school career point last Tuesday night. She is only the third student (and second female student) in Nashoba history to do so. See more on page 6.

Good luck in the upcoming week. I will be doing the No Snow, No Cold Dance for everyone.

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;