The Independent Clause…Sept. 2015

By this time next week it will officially be fall. The apple pies are already for sale at First Parish Church and apple traffic isn’t far behind. Next week we will look at the plans being readied to mitigate the fall weekend traffic. And if you’re getting frustrated while sitting in traffic, you can always try thinking about how nice it is to live where so many want to visit. Maybe it will help. Then again, maybe not…

My son is on the freshman football team in our town. They played their first game last week in the rain. I went to the game and watched every minute from under my umbrella. Well, every minute except the five minutes I ran to the ladies room, which is when my son scored a touchdown on a 60-yard run. Yep, missed those minutes. He didn’t score before or after – just during the five minutes I was gone. I think I have to work on my timing.

Cyndy Bremer, publisher/editor/production; 978-897-7869