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Updated/Corrected info from Stow Board of Health

An older version of information from the Stow Board of Health was inadvertently published in this week’s paper. Please see the updated/corrected information below.

My apologies for the error!

Board of Health Bytes 

Town residents are welcome to attend the monthly meetings; scheduled for the second Thursday of the month. Please check the Board of Health website for continued updates.

Town Beach Testing – E. Coli Testing takes place each Monday, with results usually available by Tuesday afternoon. The results and normal ranges will be posted to the Board of Health website.  Even though the Town Beach was not officially opened for the season, people continue to use the water and therefore testing should take place.

COVID-19 Updates and Travel 

The Town of Stow currently has 28 lab-test positive cases of COVID-19. 

The Board is looking into options to expand community reminders about face coverings, hand washing and social distancing in the form of banners, signs and additional updates to the website. The Board continues its disease surveillance and monitoring activities to help slow the spread of the disease. To help protect yourself and others please:

· Wear a face covering

· Maintain social distancing (6 feet apart)

· Wash your hands often and thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

· Avoid touching your face

· Cough or sneeze into a tissue (throw it away after) or into your sleeve; NOT into your hands

· Clean and disinfect surfaces 

· Stay home if you are sick

All individuals over the age of 18 and unaccompanied minors entering Massachusetts, who are not coming from a COVID lower-risk state and do not fall within certain, limited exemptions, must complete the Massachusetts Travel Form upon or prior to entry to the state.  For a list of lower-risk states and the forms please visit

For the latest information please visit  or

Flu Clinic

Tentative date scheduled for October 3, 2020.  More details to follow. 

Mosquito Spraying and Personal Protection Measures

The Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project (CMMCP) will be responding to resident concerns about mosquitos in Stow on August 20 and 27 and September 3, 2020. Requests for service may be recorded by calling the CMMCP office at 508-393-3055 between 7:00am – 3:30pm Monday – Friday or logging on to Please visit the website for service requests, no spray information, pesticide information, surveillance summary, prevention tips, virus information and program information. Personal protective measures include wearing appropriate clothing, using repellent, and when planning outdoor activities keeping in mind most active times (dawn and dusk). 

Devens Regional Household Hazardous Waste Site – Reopens

Residents of Stow can bring hazardous waste for proper disposal on the first Wednesday and following Saturday of the month from 9:00am-1:00 PM.  The site is open Wednesday, September 2 and Saturday, September 5.  Special COVID-19 Procedures are in place.  Please visit the website for additional information and the full 2020 schedule.