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| August 14, 2013

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Colleton Bids Adieu to Hale

Over the past 30 years, anyone with children that attended Hale Middle School — or perhaps went to school there themselves — probably knows the face of Secretary Barbara Colleton. Since 1984, Colleton has worked Hale’s front desk and helped keep the school running from behind the scenes. Last month, Colleton very quietly retired, without fanfare or an official announcement…

In Search of School Supplies

Gone are the days when students arrived at school with a few pencils, a notebook and folder in hand and the schools supplied the rest. Today, many families scurry in the final weeks of summer to arm their students with an arsenal of school supplies requested by their classroom teachers and paid for by parents…

Henry Warren Retires (Part 1)

A recent news article told about an arson fire where a disgruntled taxpayer burned down the house of the local tax collector.  And right here in our back yard, Joseph Houghton donated $12,000 and land in 1847 to build the Houghton School in Bolton with the condition that no children of the Bolton tax collector be allowed to attend the school…



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