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Butternut Co-Owner Dies at Age 43

Trevor Page, 43, whose family has been prominent in the Stow golfing industry for years, passed away on February 12 after a short illness (see obituary on page 2). His death comes just 8 months after that of his younger brother, Jared, 34, in June of 2012. Both brothers held key positions at their family business, Butternut Farm Golf Club in Stow.…


Leadership Contest for HS Sophomores

Attention, local high school sophomores: One local organization is looking to send two sophomores on a three-day, all-expense-paid trip to its annual leadership conference. But, those hoping to go need to apply soon…

Married at Town Hall (part 2)

When the Town Building was built in 1989, the old Town Hall, rather then retiring as a historic relic, became the location of lots of town activity such as club meetings, dinners, debates, kids activities, and public hearings, but apparently from the information at hand, no weddings.  Thinking this might have been a result of the separation of Church and State, a little bit of investigation found that 2 weddings and 2 wedding receptions did take place at our Town Hall…


Stow Community Park’s Ice Skating Rink Schedule

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