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| January 8, 2014

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Stow Gets a Ride to Boys & Girls Club

Half-days for young students can leave working parents scrambling for safe, affordable—and fun—options for child care. But, any choices outside of town may be no good without transportation from Center School. Come next week, there’s a new solution, thanks to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Assabet Valley…

Make Way for the Oil Company

As storms approach, the media feeds the frenzy to run out for bread and milk.  However, one crucial commodity is often left off this list of bare necessities –  heating  oil…

No Jumping These Sharks

At a time of year when both snow drifts and midriffs are at their whitest and widest, the idea of donning swimwear and taking a dip is unimaginable for most folks.
For a trio of Stow girls, though, it’s the middle of bathing suit season.  Hale 7th-graders Sarah Ladd and Anna Henson and 6th-grader Molly Trunfio are members of the Thoreau Sharks, a co-ed swim team based in Concord, and currently four meets into its Fall/Winter season…

Past Tense:Official Holidays in Stow

Twice a year, here in Stow, at the start of end of Daylight Saving Day, we wake up having to move our numerous clocks forward or backward 1 hour, but once each year, on New Year’s Day, we wake up having to replace our calendar with a brand new one, pictures and all…


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