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| July 24, 2013

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Car Stolen at Pine Bluffs, Thieves Caught

In Police news, several car break-ins, including a theft, were reported last week at the town beach, and the man dubbed by police as the “walking robber” was released from jail after a hearing in Concord Court…

Cowles Share Their Grand Garden

There is no way to tell when driving by, but the unassuming house on Boxboro Road holds an almost dizzying array of flowers and greenery covering the back yard. Evvie and Jack Cowles have been lovingly building, literally, a field of dreams, blooming this time of the year with day lilies they have carefully selected and tended into the hybridized versions that also share the yard…

Drop By Rec’s Drop-In Program

“Go out and play.” How many times have you said that to your kids? If your children tell you that there’s nothing to do, the Stow Recreation Department has a free and fun solution. Bring the kids by the Stow Community Park’s Drop-In program for games, crafts, and sports, overseen by several onsite staff members…

Past Tense: Alice Grady, Stow’s First Lady EMT

Alice (Sturgis) Grady, was born in 1927 in Portland, Maine, attended nursing school at Mt. Auburn Hospital, and met her husband, Jack Grady, also a nurse, while both were doing advanced training at McLean Hospital…

“Superpowers” Brings Stow Quilt to Emerson

Stow’s Randall Library presented a decorative quilt to Emerson Hospital last Wednesday. The quilt was started after a reading last spring at Randall by Maynard author Jenifer Gershman of her children’s book, Where Did Mommy’s Superpowers Go?  Gershman wrote the book, aimed at families coping with serious illness, after facing the effects of her own illness and finding very few resources to help her explain these to her young son without scaring him…

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