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| June 26, 2013

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Resident Appeals Housing Decision

DeVincent Drive resident Gregory Reynolds has filed an appeal to the Middlesex Superior Court’s May decision in favor of the Stow Zoning Board of Appeals and Stow Community Housing Corp in regards to the expansion of the Plantation Apartment complex. Reynolds’ complaints regarding the approval of the ZBA for a comprehensive permit for the project were first filed more than three years ago. The appeal will further delay the groundbreaking for the project…

Rise in Deer Population Impacting Stow

The perception of a large deer population in Stow is raising concern among some residents.  As a result, the Stow Conservation Commission invited Michele Grzenda, the Conservation Agent for the Town of Weston, and Thomas J. Rawinski, a botanist with the USDA Forest Service, to its May 21st meeting…

Stow Connection Links Triathletes

Completing a triathlon, especially a long distance one like the Ironman lengths, relies on individual commitment and intense focus on a goal. But a shared coaching program is playing a part in reaching those goals for three Stow athletes who, without knowing each other, joined the same coaching system…

Woman Arrested on Child Abuse Charges

Stow Police reported that Kathryn Bouldry, 36, of Stow, was arrested on Thursday, June 20 and charged with two counts of assault and battery of a child and reckless endangerment of children…

Past Tense: Stow History Books

Stow is surprisingly strong in recording its past events in books of various sizes and formats, documenting the town’s history from its incorporation in 1683 up to current days…

No Housing Crunch at Hale

It’s a hot housing market out there, with would-be buyers lamenting the lack of properties in the area. Not so at Hale Middle School, where there were lots of houses to tour.  In what has become a Math tradition of sorts, Hale’s seventh graders hosted the annual housing open house on Thursday…


AVLL Majors Baseball Championship Teams

Stow Firefighters Graduate State Fire Academy

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