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| October 1, 2015

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Along with the articles featured on our website, you will find the following in this week’s print edition:

Farming on Faith at Carver Hill

A year ago, farmer Chuck Lord was in a coma with a grim prognosis. Through what he and his family consider nothing short of a miracle,  the now-recovered owner of Stow’s Carver Hill Orchard sees his brush with death as a call to ensure the family farm is preserved and available for the enjoyment of others in generations to come…

New Center Assistant Brings Adventures

It is tough not to envy the new Center School assistant principal’s experiences. As Karen Cronin told it, her life by the numbers has revolved around 19 years as an elementary school teacher, two master’s degrees, traveling cross-country in a “two-door Honda Civic hatchback,” four children and a husband camping in a pop-up trailer in 20 states (so far), and living in one of the few Southwestern cities receiving enough snow to call off school…

Collings Files Lawsuits Against Town

The Collings Foundation recently announced it had filed lawsuits against two Town of Stow Boards over decisions made  regarding the site plan approval for a new museum building on the Foundation’s Barton Road property, as well as a cease and desist ordered for flights in and out of the property…


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