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| September 18, 2013

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Hemenway Farm Stormwater/Open Space

On Tuesday night, September 17, the Conservation Commission heard from the developers of Hemenway Farm on Walcott Street as to their plans for dealing with stormwater management. While most residents may find this a very dry topic,  town officials charged with overseeing careful and non-destructive use of land, through the development process and beyond, see stormwater management as a very important issue.

Hockey Royalty in Stow

Stow’s Cindy Curley will be among the five 2013 inductees in the Hockey Hall of Fame this December. Curley is humble about the accomplishment, quick to credit all the support she received through her career and grateful for the opportunities she has had to play the game. “I feel greedy on my selection. There are so many people who coached me and teammates who made me look good. It’s a great honor,” she said…

Get Chicken at DiCapri

Back in the day, once a year, my young ‘uns went to make pizza with their classes at their Acton pre-school. This was always at DiCapri, a block away. Everyone came back happy, with the school staff gushing about the friendliness of the employees…

Past Tense: Mary Was Kidnapped

You won’t see anything about this kidnapping in the local Stow paper, since it happened in 1675 and Stow wasn’t “invented” until 1683.  Mary, a resident of Lancaster, was the wife of Lancaster’s Puritan minister and had 3 children between 6 and 14 years old.  Mary’s full name was Mary White Rowlandson…


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