New Aquacize Program at Lake Boon

A water fitness program will be offered at Lake Boon starting in July.
Ellen Oliver

By Ellen Oliver

There’s a new program on the Recreation Department schedule that uses Lake Boon as a fitness location. “A few years ago we started looking at ways to use the beach for more programs,” explained Recreation Director Laura Greenough. “We tried evening yoga, but it was too buggy.”

Greenough said a local aquatics fitness instructor, Yvonne Benelli, got in touch with the Recreation Department about doing a water fitness program at Lake Boon and it fit with Greenough’s objective. “I’m trying to build more adult programs, so this was a nice fit.”

The program will be offered in two sessions with four classes each. “With two sessions, the class will be good for all ages,” said Greenough. “It’s a really good work out, very low impact. I expect the seniors will love it.”

The class will be led by longtime aquatic instructor Benelli, who has taught classes for more than 30 years. “This program is a great option for people who aren’t interested in swimming or doing laps. You can still use the Lake for fitness,” explained Benelli.

Benelli said water exercise offers so many benefits, she’s surprised not every pool, lake and body of water is filled with people working out. “It’s so great for your body, as opposed to hi-impact exercises, like jogging,” she said. “It’s gentle on the joints and the buoyancy, support, resistance from the water gives a fabulous work out.”

Even if you’re not a strong swimmer, Benelli said you are still welcome in the class as long as you are comfortable in the water. “You can keep your feet on the ground the whole time,” she said. “I tend to start at the low end and work further out, but that’s optional.” She also explained that the Town has provided noodles to the class for those wanting extra support.

“My goal is to get arms and legs moving. You can do more if you are comfortable with your feet unsupported, but those not comfortable can do what they are able.” Benelli said she offers options if people want to upgrade their workout, beginning with basic moves then adding challenges for any fitness level. “You leave the class with great circulation, feeling good.”

The evening program will run on Tuesdays from 6:30 pm – 7:15 pm beginning July 9. A class is also offered in the mornings, from 9:30 am – 10:15 am starting on Friday, July 12. For more information visit the Stow Recreation page and follow the links to the online registration.