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| June 5, 2013

Excerpts from the Public Safety Logs. Please note, arrests are made based on probable cause but do not determine  guilt or innocence until proven in court.

Monday May 27, 2013
A caller from Sudbury Road complained that his neighbors were outside being loud.  The Police responded.  Three men were located fishing.  They were advised.

The Acton Police reported that a Stow resident was injured in Acton and was being transported to the hospital.  The Stow Police informed the individual’s family.

11:40am ANIMAL
A caller on Warren Road reported that a pigeon looked injured. The Police responded.  The pigeon was located in a cardboard box with a tag on it.  The Animal Control Officer was notified.

A caller on Taylor Road reported that motorcycles were racing down the road.  The Police responded to check the area.

7:10pm ANIMAL
A caller from Hudson Road reported that a bear was walking in his backyard.  The caller was advised to stay clear of the animal.  The Animal Control Officer was notified.

A caller reported a disturbance in the home.  The Police responded.  A juvenile was arrested for domestic assault and larceny over $250 and Isaiah Basile, 18, from Stow, was arrested for receiving stolen property over $250.


Tuesday May 28, 2013
A walk-in from White Pond Road reported that someone damaged his slow down signs.  He requested that the information was logged.

9:37am ANIMAL
A caller at Great Road and Orchard Drive reported that there was a pair of goats wandering in and out of traffic.  The Animal Control Officer responded.

10:39am FIRE
A caller on Old Bolton Road reported seeing thick black smoke in the area.  The Fire Department responded to check the area.  A permitted agricultural burn was found and was under control.  All was OK.

7:11pm ARREST
Peter Tine, 47, from Methuen, was arrested for violating a restraining order.

A caller from Center Place requested an ambulance for a woman who was incoherent.  The Police and Fire/Rescue responded.  An ambulance transported the woman to the hospital.
Wednesday May 29, 2013
A walk-in reported that a detail officer on Great Road was directing traffic with black gloves.  This made it hard to decipher the officer’s directions.  The information was passed along.

10:06pm FIRE
A caller from Heather Lane reported that she believed the home was struck by lightening.  The Police and Fire Department responded.  A lightening strike to the home was confirmed however there was no fire and no damage located.  All was OK.
Thursday May 30, 2013
A caller from Great Road reported that she received a call from the Everest Asset Company who requested the last 4 digits of her social security number.  When she refused to give out the numbers, the man became belligerent. The information was logged.

8:20pm FOUND
A walk-in reported that she found a wallet in Maynard that belonged to a Stow resident.  The owner was contacted.
Friday May 31, 2013
9:05am ANIMAL
A caller on Maple Street reported that there was a large snapping turtle in the road and she wasn’t sure what to do.  An officer advised the woman to drive around it.

12:50pm FIRE
A caller from Canterbury Road reported smoke in her basement.  The Police and Fire Department responded.  Light smoke was located in the basement.  A problem with the dryer was the cause of the smoke.  All was OK.
Saturday June 1, 2013
A caller from Mitchell Road reported that she received a call from a small boy who was crying and asking for his mother.  The call was traced to Lawrence.  The Lawrence Police were contacted.

7:03pm ARREST
Chance Hartwell, 18, from Hudson, was arrested for driving with a suspended license.
Sunday June 2, 2013
A walk-in requested to speak with an officer regarding a problem with Craig’s List.  An officer advised the caller.

A walk-in reported that his car was rear ended the other day.  He wanted the information logged.

A caller on Brookside Avenue reported that a possible sinkhole was forming.  The Police responded to check the area.

A caller from Davis Road requested an ambulance for a woman who was hit in the face with an umbrella.  She punctured her face, just below the eye.  The Police and Fire/Rescue responded.  An ambulance transported the woman to the hospital.

4:15pm ARREST
Michael Sullivan, 17, from Littleton and Mark Mitrano, 18, from Westford were arrested for carrying a firearm without a license and for illegal possession of ammunition.

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