Public Safety Report… May 21, 2014

| May 21, 2014

By Kristen Kerouac

Excerpts from the Public Safety Logs. Please note, arrests are made based on probable cause but do not determine  guilt or innocence until proven in court.

Monday May 12, 2014
A caller from Pine Point Road reported that a tree went down in her neighbor’s yard.  It fell on some wires.  The Police responded.  The tree was across the road and on the wires.  Hudson Light and Power and the Highway Department were notified.

6:09am ANIMAL
A caller from Taylor Road reported that there was a peacock on her property.  The Animal Control Officer was notified.

A caller from Lowell Drive reported that a man walked around her property then sat on the front steps.  She did not know who he was.  The Police responded.  The man was a landscaper working at the residence.  The caller was not aware that the company was coming that day.

A caller from Pine Point Road complained about a band who had been practicing for two hours and were very loud.  The Police responded.  Nothing was heard.

A walk-in reported that his wife received two phone calls from someone stating that he worked for an agency that was in trouble.  The calls were very suspicious.  An officer advised the man.

8:35pm ANIMAL
A caller from Randall Road reported that there was a bat in her home.  The Animal Control Officer was notified.

A caller on White Pond Road reported that a car was parked at the bridge.  The Police responded.  The occupants of the car were fishing.  All was OK.

Tuesday May 13, 2014
A walk-in complained about people speeding on Sawmill Road.  He was concerned because there was a bus stop on that road.  An officer advised the man.

A caller from West Acton Road reported that her tires were slashed.  The Police responded.  Upon further discussion, the woman reported that she hit a curb the night before.  The tires were damaged from that incident.

A caller from Robert Road reported that two men were soliciting for a pest control company.  The Police responded.  The men were informed that they needed to fill out the proper paperwork.

Wednesday May 14, 2014
A bus company reported that one of the buses at Hale Middle School rolled backward into another bus. The Police responded.  The children were taken inside and checked out by the school nurse.  A report was filed.

9:51am ANIMAL
A caller from Barton Road reported that she found a large Golden Retriever.  A message was left for the owner.  The caller told police that she would keep the dog safe in her garage while she went to work.  She was advised that she was not allowed to take possession of the dog and could not leave it in a garage all day.  The woman was concerned for its safety.  The Animal Control Officer was notified and advised the caller.

A caller from Sudbury Road reported that a plane from the Collings Foundation repeatedly flew over her home and it was causing a disturbance.  The number for the FAA and MA Aeronautic Commission was given to the woman.

A caller from South Acton Road reported that a man was walking around the area.  He went to her front door, stood there for a moment and then left.  The Police responded.  The man was located and identified as an environmental group solicitor.

Thursday May 15, 2014
A caller from Meeting House Lane requested an ambulance because she was not feeling well.  The Police and Fire/Rescue responded.  An ambulance transported the woman to the hospital.

2:00pm LARCENY
A caller from the T-Mobile building on Wheeler Road reported that heavy duty batteries were taken from the building.  The Police responded.  A report was filed.

Friday May 16, 2014
A caller at the bridge on Sudbury Road reported that there was something suspicious in the water.  The Police responded.  The item was part of a silt fence.

A caller at the Fire Academy requested an ambulance for a man with high blood pressure and dizziness.  An ambulance transported the man to the hospital.

A caller at Lake Boon complained of two jet-skiers operating erratically.  The area was checked by boat.

10:12pm ANIMAL
A caller from Davis Road reported that her neighbor’s dog had been barking incessantly for a while.  Her windows were open and her peace was being disturbed.  The Animal Control Officer was notified.

Saturday May 17, 2014
7:31am ANIMAL
A caller from Whelden Lane reported that a large domesticated bird, with bright colors, was in his yard.  The bird could not fly.  The Animal Control Officer was notified.

7:41am ARREST
Christopher Shover, 23, from Maynard, was arrested on a warrant.

Sunday May 18, 2014
5:15pm FOUND
A walk-in found a blue tennis racket and an iphone at the Stow Community Park.

A caller in the Shaw’s parking lot reported that a man put a child into his trunk and drove around the parking lot.  The Police responded.  The car had left the area and headed toward Maynard. The Maynard Police located the vehicle.  The person in the trunk was a 21 year old who was trying to figure out the noise the car was making while it was in motion.

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