Stow Woman Foils Break-In Attempt

| November 14, 2012

By Nancy Arsenault

Dana Durfee (left) and Edward Dahlgren were arrested by Stow Police at the scene of an attempted break-in at a West Acton Rd. home.
Courtesy Stow Police


A Stow woman bravely thwarted an attempted break-in at her home last week,  aiding police in an arrest that just may be the tip that’s needed to solve many similar crimes.

Early Wednesday afternoon, a West Acton Road resident was at her home, which stands at the end of a long shared driveway and is surrounded by trees. Hearing the doorbell ring, the woman, not expecting any visitors, looked out from an upstairs window.  A car she did not recognize was in the driveway, a man sitting behind the wheel.  At the door, another man rang the bell a second time. When he did not get an answer, he began walking around the perimeter of the house…


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