Congratulations to the Chieftains football team for their second consecutive Superbowl win and back-to-back undefeated seasons! The game was held at Gillette Stadium and was televised, as well. We were going to go, but my son had another obligation and, after feeling the temperature outside, we wimped out. Ok, mostly I wimped out.

And I was feeling badly for Jordana and Ellen who had gone to cover the game in the cold and snow. That is, until Ellen told me they got to sit in the Gillette Stadium heated, comfy pressbox with wifi and free food and a bird’s eye view of the action. And hearing the play-by-play, accompanied by statistics, just added to the joy. As much as I was totally jealous, they both sincerely deserved  a little star treatment. They’ve certainly willingly trudged through all sorts of conditions to get the story and I’m glad they had such a good time.

Last week, we had a letter that was not publicly “signed” and I had a few questions about that, so wanted to take a minute to explain the policy. We always require people to provide a name and full address when submitting a letter for publication.  We do not print anonymous letters. Occasionally,  someone will ask to have their name withheld from publication. I look at each circumstance individually and make a decision based on several factors, primarily related to safety/security concerns and the weight of the issue being written about. If it’s simply a matter of someone not wanting to publicly stand behind a controversial opinion, for instance, that wouldn’t pass.  Hope that clears things up a bit.

Lights. More lights. Lotsa lights. Christmas lights, I mean. I found a whole bunch I’d misplaced last year and had already replaced. They all must be used. It is a law. But they were all indoor lights, so now the outside needs to catch up. It’s only fair. I feel another trip to the light store coming on.

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;