Inside this week’s print edition, you’ll find our 2013 Spring Contractor’s Directory and Home Improvement Guide. It’s that beautiful, wonderfully informative booklet that likely fell out of the paper when you opened it.  And what a great Spring week for our Spring guide to come out. Windows open, flowering bulbs popping up, birds chirping… so nice. It’s definitely motivating and a great time to get spring clean ups and projects going.  We hope that you’ll not only find information that you can use, but also utilize the businesses that are advertising. And most importantly, let those advertisers know where you saw them!

Our condolences to the family and friends of Richard Farrell who passed away last week. Farrell was a former Stow Police officer and the only one in recent history that was shot on duty. He left the department after being injured in October 1969 during an armed robbery at the Purity Supreme Supermarket that was located in the Stow Shopping Plaza.

Earth Day is April 22. This week’s news includes an article about climate changes and a photo of some of the people who participated in the successful Stow Clean Up Day effort this past weekend. Every little bit helps.