Another school year is quickly passing as the Class of 2013 will step across the stage to receive their diplomas this coming weekend. I can imagine the parents (and the kids) shaking their heads and thinking, “How did that happen so fast?” The 4 years of high school seem to be the quickest of all. We will have coverage of Nashoba’s graduation in next week’s issue. In the meantime, congratulations to Stow students Christine Hamilton, Valedictorian for the Minuteman Regional High School Class of 2013, and  Steven Tang, Salutatorian for Nashoba Regional High. Ann Needle shares their stories starting on page 1.

Speaking of summer, we will be taking our annual summer break a little later than usual this year because of the way the July holiday falls. We will have a paper as usual on July 3, but will NOT publish on July 10. We’re already getting our camping gear ready and I’m not packing my winter coat this time.

And as time slips away, we’re starting to look towards Subscription Renewal time. The bulk of subscriptions will run out in September and we will be notifying folks over the next month to get their renewals in. Thanks to those who have already done so!
This is the last week for our Golf Contests. Contests end on June 7th at 5pm. Get your entries in now. Consider yourself FOREwarned! (I just crack myself up…)

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor,