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| July 24, 2013

I’d like to personally thank Greg and Mary Ellen Troxel for providing one of the “coolest” vacation photos we’ve had in awhile. Just opening up the picture in Photoshop on a day when it was nearly 100°, brought my temperature down. While the heat has now subsided a bit, you can still bask in the glacial glory on page 12 of our print edition and under Photos in our online edition. And as  you and your family head out for vacation, don’t forget to pack your Stow Independent for your own back page photo (glaciers optional, of course).

Thanks to one of our readers, Druh Kolyr, we were introduced to a wonderful couple on Boxboro Rd. who have a backyard full of flowers  and a lifetime of interesting experiences and achievements. Evvie and Jack Cowles graciously gave Ann Needle a tour of their gardens, full of hybrids they have created, and shared some of their art and literature as well. See Ann’s story on page 1 of our print edition this week.

In the Good News department, Finn the dog, who was seen in last week’s Lost and Found column, was found Saturday night, nearly a week after he got out of his yard on Sunday, July 14. There was a huge network of people looking for Finn and quite a few sitings before he was safely reunited with his owners. See more on the story on page 5 of the print edition in the Over the Fence Post section.

I’ve noticed lately the term “dog beach” is being used to describe an area of Lake Boon – from what I understand, it’s the area down the path on the left of the beach (as you’re coming down the stairs) where the rope swing is (or was).

The term is totally foreign to me, and I’ve been covering Stow news for quite a few years, and foreign to Tim who grew up in Stow. Anyone have any clue how and when that got started? Have we both just been out of the “dog beach” loop all these years?

We’d like to sincerely thank the folks at Stow Shaw’s for providing $50 Gift Cards for our weekly Subscription Contests for the remainder of the contest. Renew or Subscribe now to get in on the chances to win!

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor,

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