The Independent Clause

| December 4, 2013

I heard on the news today that if you have leftover turkey, it’s about had its time and needs to be consumed quickly or tossed. I thought, we have a whole lot of eating to do tonight. Why is it that there is never any problem with the pies or breads or cookies going bad?

With the “giving season” having arrived, we focus this week on the charitable organizations in Stow. On pages 8 and 9 you will find a listing of those organizations, sponsored by Warren Insurance,  with a write up, provided by the charities, on the work they do now and throughout the year and how residents can help continue their work. Most of the organizations rely heavily on funding from community donations. They also rely heavily on volunteers to put that money to work. There are many volunteer opportunities within the community; some require greater commitments, some require very little commitment. But all need people to step up and lend a hand so that they can continue to help people right here in Stow that need assistance in some way, for varying lengths of time. Whatever you can give, be it time or money, we hope you will consider stepping up to help.

One longstanding volunteer, Teri Anapol, is “retiring” from her role as the Stow Women’s Club president, and also from coordinating the annual Breakfast with Santa, sponsored by the group. Teri has been tireless in her many volunteer efforts over the last 30 years. She deserves a big round of applause and a huge thank you for all that she has done for those in need. It’s inevitable that the hard work of the current volunteers will need to be taken over by others. What can you do to make a difference?

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor and turkey leftover specialist

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