Stow Independent Annual Holiday Break!
With both Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on Wednesdays this year, we will not publish a print paper either Dec. 25 or Jan 1. We will, however, run a limited online edition on Jan. 3, 2014. If there is any major breaking news during the holiday print break, we will publish information on our website,

The Independent Clause
Christmas is just two weeks away and we will be taking our holiday break after the December 18 edition. With the holiday falling on a Wednesday, that gives us nearly a full week to actually focus on Christmas and family and all sorts of things. I might even get my shopping done before Christmas Eve! I’m pretty excited about that, especially since my tree is up but not decorated and I haven’t even put my Christmas village up yet. But we do have lights! Although we could use some more…

And in keeping with the holiday spirit, Stow was busy with holiday activity last weekend with many traditional events being held. Photographer Jonathan Daisy captured some of the moments at the Breakfast with Santa, the Holiday Greens Sale and the COA Decorations Sale. The photos can be found on page 9.

We also highlight the St. Isidore Parish St. Vincent de Paul Society, a charitable organization that provides services and assistant to those in need. The details of what they provide and how you can help are found in Ann’s article on page 1.

We had many people express appreciation of last week’s charitable organization pages and we are grateful to be able to provide that information. I just want to clarify that, while there are many other hardworking non-profit groups in town providing various services, we were only focused on those that specifically provide assistance to people in need. We thank all of the many volunteers in town and hope new ones are added to the rosters in the upcoming year.

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor and lighting director