With this issue, we bid “see you soon” to sportswriter Ellen Oliver who has taken on a new position outside of the newspaper business. Ellen has been with us for over 6 years and has brought so much to the paper with her great writing skills, ability to “get the story,” flexibility, dependability… you name it. And to top all that off, she’s a great person- funny, intelligent and just overall one of “the good guys.” We’ll really miss her and hope she still pops in now and then. Thank you, Ellen, for all of your hard work over the last six years.

It is somehow fitting that Ellen’s last article is about the retirement of Nashoba Girls Soccer coach Pam Vaughan, who is stepping down after 17 years. Pam’s unique coaching style has created a strong bond with players past and present and we’re sure those bonds will hold. Best of luck to Pam in her future.

Ann took her Needle at Large twist to the Bolton TV studio where the relatively new cable access show Nashoba Now is filmed. The show is an opportunity for NRSD Superintendent Michael Wood to discuss relevant news and happenings within the Distict in a 20-minute weekly format.

Intended originally as a straight piece on the program, Ann had no idea there would end up being aliens on the Superintendent’s agenda.  It was, of course, all in good fun to help out our own StowTV and Ann was happy to be able to share some lighter moments with Wood, who showed himself to be a good sport with a good sense of humor. Read more in Ann’s article on page 1.
It seems it’s finally spring! While I haven’t been able to get out much to enjoy it, I do have my windows open, even if it means sitting here with a fleece on. Just having fresh air in the house is so, so nice. And looking around the yard, I see spring bulbs pushing up and signs that green will be on its way soon. Aaaaaaah.

    Cyndy Bremer, managing editor; editor@stowindependent.com