Congratulations to Nashoba Athletic Director Tania Rich on being chosen from a field of of athletic directors in the state to receive the Ted Damko Award. I’d like to add my voice to those singing Tania’s praises. She has been consistently helpful to us here at the newspaper, quickly and effectively providing requested information and even photos. She’s an “above and beyond” person and we appreciate her efforts and assistance.

Some readers may be surprised at our front page story on drugs in Stow, especially the rise of heroin use. It has, unfortunately, become an inexpensive alternative to prescription-level pills that have been in use over the last decade. While it may be disturbing news, it’s important that people are aware of its existence and what to look for in order to help police as they work to keep the drug and drug dealers out of Stow. We will follow up this week’s article with a report on drug use at the high school at a later date.
Thanks go out again to Sandy and Tara Taft for leading the Stow Town Clean Up this past weekend. For some of the more unusual finds, see page 7.W tulips

A sure sign of spring is the Springfest announcement on page 5. Volunteers are needed to help with activities, set up and clean up. The event can’t run without volunteers to help.

And another sure sign of spring is my tulips rising up even here in the Lunenburg tundra. Looking forward to seeing what else pops up after this long winter.
Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;