Ok, enough is enough Mother Nature! I love how experience paints your perspective… Normally, this Monday’s snowstorm that brought a foot of the white stuff would have seemed like a ton — a ton and a half, even. But considering there was 32” of snow just less than a week before that, this second storm didn’t seem as significant. “Oh, only a foot? Wow, we got lucky on that one…”

For last week’s storm, I had everything under control (HA) regarding the paper- I made sure I got all content in as early as possible, created as many pages as I could as quickly as I could, and by Monday night, I had the paper not only done, but uploaded to the printer. I was so worried about losing power/internet and then… nothing happened. Not so much as a flicker of the lights. So, I spent some time Tuesday writing  a short article on the storm, getting poor Ann out once again to take a photo, and making a few updates to the file and then sent that to the printer. I had spoken to the manager there and he’d said to go for it. Unfortunately, when I saw the paper Wednesday morning, it was the original file and not the one I’d spent time updating. While I was disappointed, considering everything, if that was all that went wrong, it just wasn’t that bad. Like I said, it’s all in your perspective.

Like many New Englanders, I was thrilled, upset, happy, sad, pacing in, pacing out, nerve-racked and then elated at the Patriots Superbowl win. Of course that’s from the perspective of a Patriots fan…

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;  editor@stowindependent.com