Happy New Year! Welcome to the frozen tundra that is 2014.

Hope you were able to visit the website last week for our January 3 online edition. If you haven’t yet,  the articles are posted here and include the recent Tri-Town meeting with officials and reps from the three Nashoba District towns and the District administration. Some heated discussion was reported regarding the towns looking to create some kind of financial town-based oversight committee to look at school spending. There is also a follow up on the fall harvest of the Artemisia plants at small farm, overseen by Stow’s Pam Weathers, and an update on the progress of the experiments she is conducting regarding the use of the plant as a potential cure for malaria.

In addition, Ellen Oliver catches up with the Nashoba Varsity sports scene and the Public Safety Report for that week can be found online as well.

In this week’s print edition, you’ll find several articles on storm preparation. Given the way this winter is progressing, it seems there will be plenty of opportunities to utilize the information presented. We’ll bring you more as the season progresses and also turn our eye on health and wellness in the next few weeks.

The 10-day forecast is looking up, so we may defrost after all…

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor                    editor@stowindependent.com