The Independent Clause… July 30, 2014

| July 31, 2014

I would like to thank Allan Fierce for his informative Letter to the Editor found on page 5 regarding the prevention of tick bites. I also want to clarify, though,  we intentionally did not include that information in either of the two articles related to ticks as it is information we have addressed multiple times in prior issues and is readily available from a variety of other sources. One of those sources is, of course, the Stow Conservation Trust’s website where Allan’s in-depth article on ticks can be found.

Another year of camp has come and gone for my son, which means football season is here and right behind that is back-to-school. We will publish this year’s bus routes in our August 20  Special Back-to-School edition. The summer is flying by.

Congratulations to Jeffrey Shaw, this week’s winner of a $50 Gas Card! See page 3 for more details on how you can win!

I’m kind of like Miss Jean and her magic mirror on Romper Room. I can see who is nodding ‘yes’ and we thank you. For those of you too young to remember Romper Room, Miss Jean was like Barney without the dinosaur suit. And if you don’t remember Barney the Dinosaur, I’ll have to check in with my grandsons for a more modern comparison!

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;

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