The Independent Clause… June 26, 2013

| June 26, 2013

Our summer break this year will be on July 10.
The “office” will be closed July 4- 11. We will be publishing July 3 and will be back in print July 17.


Well, I experienced the first power outage of the thunderstorm season here in Lunenburg on Monday night. I was so (not) excited. And it really didn’t help my mood when the Bruins lost the Stanley Cup finals the way they did…

Congratulations to Christina Hernon, our first weekly subscription contest winner! If you’d like to be a winner, all you need to do is subscribe! New and Renewing subscribers’ names will stay in the pot until they are a winner or the contest ends, so the sooner you subscribe, the more chances you have to win! And you can now find your subscription expiration date on your address label! See page 3 of our print edition for more information.

Ann spent some time this past weekend at a shortwave radio event. It reminded me of when similar “CB” radios were all the rage before cell phones were around. When my dad upgraded his, he gave me his old one for my car. It was kind of nice to have a mobile connection…until he insisted on giving me a “handle” and asking me where I was every mile in CB lingo. “Breaker 1-9…Where are you now L’il Red?” But it was good to read in Ann’s article that shortwave radio ops are still around and ready to help if those handy cell phones we rely on stop working. 10-4, Papa Bear.

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