Minuteman Regional High School will hold their graduation ceremonies Friday night, while Nashoba High’s graduation ceremony is this coming Sunday. We wish all of the graduates a bright and happy future and a safe weekend. Look for coverage in next week’s issue.

Bob Cooke brings an interesting article on a newly-found fact about Lyme disease that could bring new treatment options. The disease is now far more commonly diagnosed and the quicker treatment is underway, the better the chances of avoiding any serious or longterm effects. My son went camping last weekend and came home with the usual bug bites and poison ivy- better than the stinging nettles rash from a few years ago. He took a long hot shower when he got home and as I was applying itch-reliever to his back I saw a little black spot that looked odd. I had to put my glasses on and look really hard and sure enough it was a tiny tick. I put my recently-acquired-from-Facebook knowledge to work and covered the thing in hand cream and was able to successfully pull it out.  It was about the size of a pencil point. Thankfully, no rash or ill-effects, but I’m keeping an eye on it for sure. It may have been a baby, but it may have been a deer tick. What’s scary is that if it hadn’t been in such an open spot, I never would have seen it and likely he never would have either. You better believe he checked quite thoroughly after that. Makes me itchy just thinking about it!

And on another  “be careful” note, Nancy has news of a new, very local phone scam going around. Read her article on page 1 to be sure you know what to look for and what to do.

So I guess the overwhelming message is “be careful out there!”

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor; editor@stowindependent.com