While there wasn’t a heavy turnout of voters on Saturday, a majority of those that did come to the polls voted in the new Fire Station/Community Center project at the site of the former Pompo School.

Congratulations to Nashoba’s hockey team on their first division win since 1980. Best of luck to the team going forward.

After a successful Hale PSG Drama performance of “Godspell,” residents can follow up with the Nashoba High Drama Club’s performance of “Peter Pan” this coming weekend.

Maybe I am totally wrong and changing the hour hand on the clock really DOES bring warmer temps! Whatever the reason, standing outside with just a sweatshirt on (and pants, of course) and not being cold has been so uplifting. I can even handle the weekend forecast that includes the “s” word. It finally feels like March, not Siberia, and I am very grateful. Now my cabin fever can be replaced with spring fever and that’s just fine by me.

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In last week’s “Nashoba Defends +5% Hike,” School Committee Rep. Lorraine Romasco of Bolton was quoted as saying that 16 of the Nashoba Regional School District’s 43 executives have travel budgets of at least $35,000. This should have read “a total travel budget of $35,000 for those 16 employees.”

Also, there was a typo in the article stating the district’s Excess and Deficiency fund averages a balance of $2 “billion.” The correct amount is $2Million.

Our apologies for the errors.