The Independent Clause… March 4, 2015

| March 9, 2015

I still don’t understand why, but it’s already time to change the clocks. I understand the original intent of Daylight Saving Time. But I don’t see that moving the event back this early in March really does much. It isn’t going to suddenly be spring on Sunday. As much as I would enjoy the seasonal change that used to accompany the clock change, you just can’t make it happen by moving the hour hand back.

But you might be able to do it by having a gardening article in your local newspaper!  Ok, you won’t, but you can read Nancy’s article and at least start planning for spring.

There IS dirt and grass under the snow and ice. I just know there is.

We had hoped to have an article on the Nashoba wrestling team this week, in celebration of their Div. 2 championship win, but we’ve been unable to pin the coach down (see what I did there?) because some of the team members are still involved in tournament play. We will keep pursuing it.
Congratulations to the Girls and Boys Basketball teams on their very successful seasons. The Nashoba hockey team heads into playoff action on Wednesday.

The Nashoba High School Drama Club will present Peter Pan the weekend of March 13 and it looks to be a great performance, including flying cast members. See Ann’s article for more details.

Hale Middle School PSG Drama will perform Godspell this coming weekend and that also looks to be quite entertaining.

I will entertain myself in the meantime by watching things melt and refreeze.  I’m just wild and crazy like that.  Don’t forget to vote in Saturday’s Special Election!

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;

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