There have been several sightings, in opposite ends of town, of what appears  to be a non-native yellow golden pheasant. Last week, I received several photos of the bird from a Boxborough Rd resident, but unfortunately I couldn’t get the photo up to print quality. This week, we received another photo of the bird, at closer range, from Denise Kerble, a resident in the Lake Boon area of town. The bird has also been reported in the two most recent police logs, although I don’t think he or she is particularly suspicious – just unusual and likely someone’s pet.  I was searching through my email and found something from back in 2009 where a similar bird (although this one was a red golden pheasant) had been found in the Harvard Acres neighborhood. After running a photo, the rightful owner was found. I hope this story will have an equally happy ending. If anyone knows where he lives, give us a call, or call Stow Police/Animal Control.

Our condolences to the family of Bob Billups who recently passed away. Bob spent many years in town government positions, most recently as a town assessor from 1992-2002. His years of service date back to 1983, including nine years on the Stow Housing Committee. See Bob’s obituary on page 9. Thanks to Deb Sieth in the Town Clerk’s office for providing the specific information.
With the passing of Memorial Day, I decided it was time to take the heated mattress pad off the bed. I’m already beginning to regret that decision…

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;