The Independent Clause… November 5, 2014

| November 9, 2014

Congratulations to all the winners of Tuesday’s election. Talk about an election  that shows just how important every individual vote is. It’s after midnight as I’m finally finishing things up, and I still don’t know who the new governor is!

Veterans Day is Tuesday, Nov. 11. Stow will honor its veterans on Tuesday morning with the annual Veterans Day breakfast at St. Isidore Parish. See the calendar page for more details.

Playoffs and post season sports are underway and we’re doing our best to keep up with the action. Best of luck to all the teams.
I think I’m getting too old for this time change stuff. Ever since Sunday, I’ve been up before the crack of dawn and I want to go to bed at 8pm. I’m typically up early as it is, but this is ridiculous. I’m hoping to stay awake (Tuesday night) for the election results.  Of course, by the time we go back to Daylight Saving Time, I’ll  finally be used to this standard time. Can I get some kind of special dispensation and just stay in one time ‘zone’ by myself?

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;

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