Aaah, school photos. The subject came up in my house and I asked reporter Ann Needle to track down some information about some of the changes in the process over the years and what’s happening now in some of the Nashoba District schools. In the meantime, we swapped school picture horror stories from “back in the day.”

School pictures do not bring me warm, fuzzy memories. I have never been a photogenic person. Ok, there’s not that much to work with, but still my photos are even worse than the real thing. I remember one school photo in particular; it was maybe second grade or so – braids, teeth missing, freckles – I cried all the way home with my photo package in hand. (And of course my mom assured me it was cute even though it really, really wasn’t.) Although I couldn’t find this masterpiece to share, Ann, Kristen Kerouac and Jess Thomas did find their school photos and thank you to them for sharing them. They were adorable!

Have an old school photo to share from back in the day before digital cameras? We’d love to see you (and a “now” picture would be great to go along with it)!   Scan it and email it to me or mail it, along with your name, the grade you were in and where the photo was taken.

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor;