The Public Safety Log

| May 15, 2013

Excerpts from the Public Safety Logs. Please note, arrests are made based on probable cause but do not determine  guilt or innocence until proven in court. 

Monday May 6, 2013
2:31- 2:38am ALARM
Multiple alarms at Citizens Bank, Wedgewood Pines and Bank of America were reported.  The Police responded.  Nothing was found.  All was OK.

A caller from Hudson Road requested an ambulance for a man who fell.  The Police and Fire/Rescue responded.  An ambulance transported the man to the hospital.

A caller on Randall Road reported that a pick-up truck slowly drove by her and then parked.  The Police responded to check the area.  Nothing was found.

11:48am ANIMAL
A caller from Harvard Road reported that her neighbor’s dogs were in her yard.  She was upset and wanted to speak to the Animal Control Officer.  The caller further stated that she would harm the dogs if they were not taken off her property.  An officer advised the caller to not do that.

2:18pm LARCENY
A walk-in reported that 28 golf cart batteries were stolen from Wedgewood Pines Country Club.  The Police responded.  A report was filed.

A caller at the Stow Brook Gulf reported that an individual was using profanity and yelling at his 10-year-old child.  The caller also stated that the person had been following them in a car.  The Police responded.  A report was filed.

A caller from Maura Drive reported that a helicopter was running at the airport.  The police advised the caller to contact the airport during normal business hours to discuss her concern.
A caller from Cortland Drive reported that a person was sitting in a car, with the lights off, near his home.  The caller was concerned.  The Police responded.  The person was waiting for a friend to come out.  All was OK.

Tuesday May 7, 2013
A walk-in reported that petitioners at the Post Office seemed to be in an unsafe area.  The Police responded.  The individuals were advised to be careful.  All was OK.

A caller on Great Road reported that a person on a bicycle was hit.  The Police and Fire/Rescue responded.  An ambulance transported the patient to the hospital.

9:10pm FIRE
Multiple callers from North Shore Drive reported a possible large fire in the area.  The Police and Fire Department responded.  Night gas school was in session at the Fire Academy.  All was OK.

Wednesday May 8, 2013
A caller near Bose reported that there was loud banging coming from the area.  The Police responded.  A street sweeper was cleaning up the lot.  All was OK.

Due to a brief power outage, multiple alarms sounded at Wedgewood Pines Country Club & Citizens Bank.  The traffic lights in the center of town were also reported to be out.  The Police responded.  The Highway Department was notified.

A caller near Shaw’s reported that 8×11 papers were all over the road.  The Police responded.  A small amount of paper was located and thrown away.

A caller from Davis Road reported that a suspicious car was in his driveway.  He gave the license plate number to the police.  The police confirmed that the car belonged to a landscaper and everything was OK.

A caller from Pompositticut Street reported that he was concerned about a young boy who went to his house.  The Police advised the caller.

Thursday May 9, 2013
10:19am  COMPLAINT
A caller from Maple Street reported that solicitors, possibly a religious group, went to her home.  The Police responded.

An officer observed an individual lying across the front seat of his car while the car was idling.  The driver was spoken to.  All was OK.

Friday May 10, 2013
2:49pm    FIRE
A caller reported a brush fire on Barton Road.  The Police and Fire Department responded.  Nothing was located.

5:56pm LOST
A caller reported that he lost his wallet at Shaw’s.  An officer advised the man.  The information was logged.

Saturday May 11, 2013
2:05am ARREST
Joshua Pisarczyk, 22, from Lancaster, was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding.

A caller from Elliot Drive requested an ambulance for a girl who had difficulty breathing.  The Police and Fire/Rescue responded.  An ambulance transported the girl to the hospital.

Sunday May 12, 2013
A caller from Hudson Road reported hearing loud bangs.  Then the power went out.  The Police responded.  A breaker was blown.  Hudson Light and Power was contacted.

A caller on South Acton Road reported that a jogger looked like he needed help.  The Police responded.  The man was located.  He was fine.

11:36am ANIMAL
A caller reported that a dog had been barking for hours.  An officer advised the caller that since the dog was barking from inside the home there was nothing that could be done.

A caller from Warren Road complained of loud music.  The Police responded.  The responsible parties were advised.  All was OK.

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