Vacation and Community Photos

| September 11, 2013

Katherine and Janet Hamilton visited a Navajo Reservation in Chinle, Arizona this August. They hiked in the nearby canyon called Canyon de Chelly and saw the ancient ruins at the bottom.


This is the Stadolnik Family posing with Sharlie (the playground version), a lake monster similar to Nessie that is believed to live in the Payette Lake in McCall, ID. (Unfortunately, the real Sharlie never cooperated for a photo with the Stow Independent.)


Stow resident Bob Cooke recently took the Stow Independent off for a photo tour of Scotland led by the the Mentor Series people. The group of avid photographers visited Edinburgh during the annual Fringe Festival, toured the Glenfiddich distillery, roamed the Isle of Skye, clambered through castles and forts – some ruined, some occupied – and generally avoided sampling the haggis.

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