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School opened in the Nashoba District on Tuesday and it seems that everything went smoothly, including the transition to a single K-5 elementary Center School. Although its been a long and not-always-easy process, the opening is quite an achievement for the many volunteers who oversaw the process from design to completion (or almost completion, there are a few things left on the punch list. See Ann Needle’s article, “Center School Goes Dry”). Congratulations Stow on your new school!

And with the passing of Labor Day and the opening of school, we all know that Fall is not far behind. As a matter of fact, in a way, it’s ahead, as the farms and orchards are already in full swing with early crops. See Nancy’s Farm Journal on pages 8 and 9 of this week’s print edition! If you haven’t yet subscribed, you can do so on the homepage of the website  or by sending in the Subscription Form found on page 2 of this week’s print edition. You can also buy copies of the paper here.

Correction: In Nancy’s article last week on the Meeting House anniversary, she mentioned two sisters that live there, in their own separate units. They called to make a correction to the story. Nancy said they were still able to borrow the proverbial cup of sugar, and they wanted it noted that they didn’t borrow sugar, they share baked goods. Also, Nancy said that one sister had never been married. She had, but is now a widow. Our apologies to Virginia Terrazzino and Theresa Mertz for the errors.
Cyndy Bremer, managing editor; [email protected]