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Elsie Rodney and D.J. Clampitt are ready to outfit a playroom for grandchildren after loading up a truck with bargains from the Pompositticut School Yard Sale on Saturday. The public sale of surplus furniture in the school brought in about $1000, according to event organizer Town Clerk Linda Hathaway. The money will go into the town’s General Fund. “The taxpayers originally paid for all of this, so I thought it was only fair that the taxpayers get a fair chance at getting some of it back,” said Hathaway. Scrap metal dealers and charitable groups that ship school furniture to overseas locations are looking at the remaining items, according to Hathaway.
Nancy Arsenault photo


While roaming the courtyards of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, overlooking the Bosphorus, Frank Smith stops to catch up on what’s happening back home.


Joseph Berman, Druh Kolyr, and Maxwell Berman attended the Burning Man festival in Nevada from Monday Aug 27th though Sept 3rd. Druh wrote, “We flew in with a tent as checked baggage, took a rental car, and stayed the whole event. We camped in Kidsville, and there were many wonderful families to share the time with.“


Tim and Kate McGillicuddy brought their SI to Botannical Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC. They walked through a temperate rainforest to get down to the beach!