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In the November 28, 2012 Print Edition

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New Business Welcomed by Selectmen

A brief Board of Selectmen meeting took place last night, rounding out some formalities as the year nears an end.  The Board voted to meet only once in December, on the 11, and not a second time, which would have fallen on December 25.

What Would You Like to See in Lower Village? 

The Planning Board is hosting a public forum tonight, Wednesday night, at 7:30pm at Town Hall , to hear from residents and business owners who would like to see changes to the Lower Village area that could  point the way to a more vibrant commercial center for the town.

Stow’s Oldest Resident Turns 104

Stow’s oldest resident, Dr. Donald Freeman Brown, turned 104 on Monday. He has made his home here for 57 years, raising six children with his wife Linda.   Born in 1908, he has lived through a time period considered by historians to have experienced the most rapid and dramatic changes to nearly every aspect of human life.

Advent of the Holidays

Starting this Sunday, churches in and around Stow will be celebrating Advent, the season of anticipation and reflection before Christmas. For some, these will be opportunities to re-connect with faith, friends, or family, whether the congregation is familiar or new.

Small Business Spotlight

Stow’s commercial district isn’t the only place that’s hopping for holiday shopping.  On local cul de sacs and down winding lanes lives a thriving internet and home-based business community, also gearing up for the holidays.


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