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Happy New Year! We weathered the snowy, cold break – and the end of the world- and are back in print. We published an abbreviated online edition last week, so please visit if you missed it. Articles included “Erasing a Home’s Silent Enemy” about the hidden dangers of radon; a report on the latest Recreation Commission meeting, including their efforts to save money and share resources; a Nashoba Sports Round Up; and Past Tense: The Boston Post Cane.
While not much really changes at the stroke of midnight on any given New Year’s Eve, it is the marking of time that gives us a chance to pause and look back at all the moments that made up the previous year and look ahead to the next year.
Many people use the new year to make resolutions for changes they want to make in their lives going forward. In the spirit of those efforts, we are running a series of self-improvement articles on various topics. This week we will try to help you get your living space organized and your finances in order. And when that’s all done, you can find out how to take in some healthy fun at Assabet Wildlife Reguge. Ok, it might not all get done, but we’ll give you a good start.
We also catch up on the news around Stow. While it was fairly quiet -and the world didn’t end- there are some items of note in our front page articles.
I’m really glad the world didn’t end. It would have been such a pain given the timing, right before Christmas, while we were on break. It would have been just our luck though. And I wasn’t properly prepared.  I paid my bills, I did my Christmas shopping and I decorated to beat the band. I had a great indoor display, if I do say so myself,  and Tim finally came over to the light side, putting up extra strings, new strings and even thinking of new things we could do outside.  It was, indeed, a very merry Christmas. And a sleepy New Year.  Around 11:30pm, after trying to stay awake, we decided the warm, comfy bed was going to win over the ball drop. Even without us watching, 2013 still managed to arrive.
Cyndy Bremer, managing editor; [email protected]