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The Independent Clause

While Stow Community Park’s ice skating rink didn’t have a very good year weather-wise last year, this year seems to be shaping up a bit better for ice, especially as the cold temps move into the area this week. The coming week’s planned rink schedule can be found on page 3. The Recreation Commission reminds residents, though, that if the “CLOSED” signs are posted at the rink, to please stay off the ice. The rink ice is monitored and even if it may look frozen on the top few inches, there can still be soft spots, especially at the sides, where a skate can go through, potentially injuring the skater and cutting the liner. If the rink is closed, it means it is not safe to skate on it.

Lew Halprin uncovered a different skating rink in Stow- one from the history books, the story of which can be found on page 3. In keeping with our January resolutions theme, Nancy gathered some information on staying fit and healthy in the new year. Ellen caught up with the ski team and Ann gathered up school news.

Like many people, when I’m on the phone, I’ll often put it on speakerphone to free up my hands to do other things while I’m talking. If need be, I carry it from room to room, talking into it as I go, putting it down if I need both hands, but continuing the conversation. Every once in awhile, I’ll get a little too far from it and realize the person on the other end can no longer make out what I’m saying. If it’s one of my kids, they’re usually grateful to be spared a few minutes of MotherBabble.

So, the other day I was on speakerphone when the dog started barking for his dinner. I went into the kitchen, phone in hand, talking into it as I made the dog ‘s food concoction.  As I finished up, still absorbed in my own chatter,  I leaned in closer to my phone hand to make sure my daughter could still hear me – and found myself talking directly into the dog food bowl.   My phone was sitting on the counter where I’d absent-mindedly placed it at some point in the process. Thankfully, I stopped just short of tasting the doggy dinner. Good thing I wasn’t texting, I guess.

Cyndy Bremer, managing editor; [email protected]