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The Independent Clause

We’ve heard there is some confusion about whether or not people need to subscribe to receive the paper. People have said that the paper keeps “showing up.” As we said we would do when we changed our business model to subscriptions, we have run townwide papers on a monthly basis as part of our promotional subscription drive and to continue our distribution of the COA Newsletter. The Friends of the COA, along with several advertisers, helped support those promotional issues. But now, those editions are behind us and,  YES, you need to subscribe to receive the paper weekly!

After this issue, we will no longer be carrying the COA Newsletter insert in the paper. While we tried to find a way to continue the distribution in some way, we were unable to find a solution that worked for both the Friends of the COA  and us from a business standpoint. We wish the COA and the Friends all the best and continued success in providing such a wide variety of quality programming for our town’s senior citizens.

As circumstances or special events warrant, a townwide distribution may still pop up, but the only way to be sure the paper will be in your mailbox every week is to subscribe for home delivery. Thanks to the many of you that already have!

In this week’s issue we bring you quite a few interesting and informative stories (how’s that for marketing-speak?) and our ever-popular Grocery Price Comparison. Nancy hit the aisles of 4 area grocery stores with the same list of items and reports on the widely varying prices.

We thank Stow resident and acclaimed science writer Bob Cooke for his contribution to this week’s issue- a very interesting story on a new and promising development in the treatment of hearing loss.

Congratulations to Stow Post Office’s  Jim Cort and Nashoba Football Coach Ken Tucker on their respective retirements.  Both are featured in this week’s paper. And don’t miss Ann’s venture into an award-winning Man Cave right here in Stow. I’m looking forward to coming out of my cave on Wednesday. I hear it might be above freezing. Break out the bikini! On second thought, maybe not.