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The Independent Clause

    I need to apologize for the incorrect date on the front page of last week’s issue.  The first thing I do when I breakdown the previous week’s issue is to change the issue number and the date on the front page. The very first thing, every time, every week. For 6 years.
Actually, 6 years exactly as of next week! But, the rest of the pages were correctly dated, so if you’re mixed up by the front cover, my apologies.
    For those who may be wondering where Lew Halprin’s Past Tense column is, rest assured, Lew and his column are fine and just waiting in the wings due to a bit of a space crunch the last few weeks. We’ll have him back on the pages soon.
    Ellen has a great story about a young woman from Stow who dared to follow her dream and is now skating with Disney on Ice. Jennifer Danowitz used to write for the old Stow paper when I was editor there and she was in high school. It’s great to see her doing so well and I wish her continued success in her future.
Despite the still-un-springlike weather, the two major spring holidays are upon us. Happy Easter and Passover to those celebrating each this week.
Cyndy Bremer, managing editor; [email protected]