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In This Week’s Print Edition…. August 7, 2013

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Pilot Grove Expansion Underway

In just about one year, Stow will gain 30 new housing units, according to Stow Community Housing Corp. The private non-profit group is working with various government agencies to construct Pilot Grove II, an expansion of the current Pilot Grove Housing complex atop Pilot Grove Hill…

ESBC Makes Exit Plan

The Elementary School Building Committee talked on Monday about when to disband, given its work is about done. Some issues linger on, but ESBC members agreed most of those could be handed directly by the town. Meanwhile, the ESBC confirmed that the long-awaited state match for Center’s environmentally sound features will be coming through…

Supply & Demand Sparks Stow Sales

Stow’s real estate transactions are at their highest levels in years, despite low market inventory, rising mortgage rates and a still-shaky economy.   As of last week, 31 homes were on the market in Stow. A year ago, 52 properties were looking for buyers…


Featured Home: On the Back Nine

In a town filled with golf courses, there are no opportunities to build a home or live on any of these courses. Stow resident and Keller Williams realtor Lori Megee says the home she is listing on Cross Street just might be the closest anyone can get to living on a golf course in Stow. And she may be right, as it was built by a member of the Paige family, one of the original owners of Stow Acres Country Club…

Past Tense: Stow’s First Lawn Mower

Up until 1870, grass on people’s lawn needed to be cut by a hand scythe – that long pole with a blade on the end that you see in pictures of Father Time each New Year’s Eve.  But in 1870, a man named Elwood McGuire of Richmond, Indiana started selling a commercially viable human-powered reel mower making the process much easier and efficient…

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